Cambridge Early Music Concerts 2014


Adrian Butterfield and Laurence Cummings

7.30pm, Friday 7 March, 2014
Trinity College Chapel, Cambridge
Tickets:  £20.00,  £15.00
Student standby tickets on the door just prior to performance: £5.00
It is said that, when the two great violinists Jean-Marie Leclair the Elder and Pietro Antonio Locatelli played on the same bill at a concert in Kassel in 1728, the former played "like an angel" and the latter "like a devil".
Leclair and Locatelli represented two utterly antithetical ends of the musical spectrum; Locatelli the extremes of expression of the vocal Italian style and Leclair the subtlety, grace and beauty of the dance-based French style. This programme of violin sonatas is designed to bring out the differences in these fascinating and highly influential musicians who both died 250 years ago in 1764.


    Jean-Marie Leclair:
        Book 1 No.10 in D major
    Pietro Antonio Locatelli:
        Violin Sonata Op.6 No.2 in F major
    Arcangelo Corelli:
        Op.5 No. 5 in G minor
        Book 1 No.5 in A major
        -- Interval --
        Violin Sonata Op.8 No.2 in D major
    Giovanni Battista Somis:
        Violin Sonata Op.2 No.9 in B minor
        Le Tombeau Bk 3 No.6 in C minor

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