Cambridge Early Music Concerts 2014


Singer Pur

12.00 noon, Saturday 3 May, 2014
Trinity College Chapel, Cambridge
Tickets:  £20.00,  £15.00
Another programme with a broad sweep of composers: Adrian Willaert, Dominique Phinot, Jacobus Gallus, and Jean Richafort are complemented by two more recent German composers, Wolfgang Rihm and Hans Schanderl. Featured composer Ivan Moody receives a performance of his Canticum Canticorum II. A mixture of composers known and unknown, but presented in a compelling and inspired fashion by Singer Pur.
What seizes the ear are the thick weaves of counterpoint, and the dense and dissonant harmonies. To make this music speak the singers need a razor-sharp sense of pitch and a focused, pure tone, which the young German vocal sextet, Singer Pur, certainly have. - BBC Music Magazine


One-hour programme played without an interval.
    Dominique Phinot (c.1510-c.1555):
        Surge, propera amica mea
    Jean de Latre (c.1505-1569):
        Qualis est dilcta mea
    Gavin Bryars (*1943):
        Da ciel venne messo nouvello (2002)
    Ivan Moody (*1964):
        Canticum Canticorum II (1994)
        Let him kiss me
        Draw me, we will run after thee
        I am black but comely
        Draw me, we will run after thee
        Tell me, o thou whom my soul loveth
    Adrian Willaert:
        Huc me sidereo - Pungentem - De me solus amor
    Hans Schanderl (*1960):
        Huc me sidereo (2012)
    Jacobus Gallus (1550-1591):
        Peccantem me quotidie
    Wolfgang Rihm (*1952):
        Velum templum scissum est (2001)
    Jean Richafort (c.1480-c.1547):
        Veni, electa mea

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