Cambridge Early Music Concerts 2014


The Hilliard Ensemble with Singer Pur

6.30pm, Friday 2 May, 2014
Trinity College Chapel, Cambridge
Tickets:  £20.00,  £15.00
To launch the festival, The Hilliard Ensemble has created a very special programme - testament, if any were needed, to their pre-eminence in the vocal world. 13th century French music, Pérotin, Sheryngham and Cornysh sit alongside traditional Armenian music, Arvo Pärt and Vache Sharafyan. The Ensemble is joined by Singer Pur for featured festival composer Ivan Moody's Anástasis.
The Hilliards evoke such gorgeous sonic landscapes, there is such delicate complexity in their tones, that this really is beauty of a rarefied quality. - Gramophone


One-hour programme played without an interval.
    Anon (13th century France):
        Vetus abit littera
    Anon (13th century France):
        Deus misertus
    Sheryngham (c. 1500):
        Ah gentle Jesu
    Arvo Pärt (*1935):
        And one of the Pharisees
    Trad. Armenian (arr. Komitas 1869-1935):
        Ov zarmanali
        Hays hark nviranc ukhti
        Surp, Ter zorutheanc
        Viderunt omnes
    William Cornysh (d. 1523):
        Ave Maria Mater Dei
    Vache Sharafyan (*1966):
        Lord who made the spring run
    Arvo Pärt:
        Most Holy Mother of God
    The Hilliard Ensemble
    Ivan Moody (*1964):
    The Hilliard Ensemble
    Singer Pur

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