Cambridge Early Music Concerts 2013


Stile Antico

7.30pm, Monday 19 August, 2013
Trinity College Chapel, Cambridge
Tickets:  £25.00,  £20.00
The remarkable Hapsburg dynasty, which at its peak ruled much of Europe and established the first truly global empire, is the inspiration for a fascinating and sumptuous journey through two centuries of Continental repertoire. Stile Antico performs music closely associated with the Hapsburg monarchs, focusing first on the Emperor Maximilian, and then on the great Spanish rulers Charles V and Philip II, who gathered around them the finest Spanish and Flemish composers of their day.
We encounter coronations, celebrations and funerals, and meet the Hapsburgs at play and prayer, telling their story through repertoire ranging from Gombert's luxuriant Missa Quam pulchra es to Lobo's exquisite expression of grief, Versa est in luctum, and from the intricacies of Isaac's Virgo prudentissima to the exuberance of Morales.
Stile Antico is internationally admired as "an ensemble of breathtaking freshness, vitality and balance..." "Absolutely ravishing performances" - Classics Today. "There is a passionate frankness to the singing but little fuss or faddishness. Line is evening of near perfection" - The Vancouver Sun.


    Nicolas Gombert:
        Kyrie (Missa Quam pulchra es)
    In Search of the Golden Fleece
    Cristobal de Morales:
        Andreas Christi famulus
    Thomas Crecquillon:
        Andreas Christi famulus
    Nicolas Gombert:
        Gloria (Missa Quam pulchra es)
    Maximilian Crowned
    Heinrich Isaac:
        Virgo prudentissima
        -- Interval --
    The Emperor's Song
    Josquin des Prez:
        Mille Regretz
    Occasions of State
    Cristobal de Morales:
        Jubilate Deo
    Clemens non Papa:
        Carole magnus eras
    Nicolas Gombert:
        Sanctus and Benedictus (Missa Quam pulchra es)
    'Tuned to Mourning'
    Pierre de la Rue:
        Absalon fili mi
    Alonso Lobo:
        Versa est in luctum
    Nicolas Gombert:
        Agnus Dei (Missa Quam pulchra es)

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