Cambridge Early Music Concerts 2013


Les Haulz et les Bas

7.30pm, Friday 3 January, 2014
Trinity College Chapel, Cambridge
Tickets:  £25.00,  £20.00
Student standby tickets on the door just prior to performance: £5.00
Ian Harrison and Gesine Bänfer (shawms, bagpipes, fiddle, dulcimer), David Yacus (buisine and slide trumpet) and Miriam Andersén (voice and harp) present a new year programme of late medieval music for the loud and soft bands.
Les Haulz et les Bas play music of the alta capella, the 'loud' wind ensemble of the middle ages and Renaissance. The ensemble's work has achieved international acclaim: they have won prizes at several international competitions and they are regularly present at Europe's most prestigious Early Music Festivals.
"...Laser-beam tuning and atomic clock timing"; "an outstanding alta band ensemble...their improvisations and virtuoso playing dazzled listeners." - Historic Brass Society, New York.


    David Yacus:
        Introitus de tuba
    anon. Rossi Codex:
        Dal bel chastel
    Guillaume Dufay:
        Gloria ad modum tubae
    Francesco Landini:
        Adieu adieu
    Johannes Ciconia:
        Merce o morte
    Gherardello da Firenze:
        I'vo bene
        Una panthera
    Antonio Zachara da Teramo:
    Domenico da Piacenza:
        Rostibolli gioioso
        Gli atti col dançar
    Anon London BL add. ms. 29987:
        Cancionetta Tedesca
        -- Interval --
        Regina Gloriosa
    anon. Rossi codex:
        Che ti zova nascondere
    Bartolino da Padova:
        La douce cere
    anon. Brussels basse danse ms.:
        La dance de cleves
    Pierre des Moulins:
        De ce que fol pense
    anon. Rossi codex:
        Lucente stella
    Francesco Landini:
        Ogn'or mi trovo
        Questa fanciull'amor
    Bartolino da Padova:
        El mio dolce sospir
    anon. London ms.:
    anon. Rossi codex:
        Amor mi fa cantar
    anon. London ms.:
        La Manfredina


    Les Haulz et les Bas
    Gesine Bänfer Shawms, bagpipes, dulcimer
    Ian Harrison Shawm, bagpipes, fiddle
    David Yacus Buisine, Slide trumpet
    Miriam Andersén Voice, harp, percussion

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