Cambridge Early Music Concerts 2012


Renaissance Summer School Students, Philip Thorby and friends

7.30pm, Friday 17 August, 2012
Emmanuel College Theatre, Cambridge
Tickets:  £12.00,  £10.00
A glimpse into the world of Renaissance Italy's leading family. From Josquin's Missa Ercole Dux Ferrara, written for Duke Ercole I, through frottole commissioned by his daughter Isabella, to madrigals and polychoral works by Vecchi, maestro di corte to Ercole II, by way of music by Rore and Wert - the d'Este were amongst the most influential and knowledgeable patrons of the arts in 16th-century Italy. We will celebrate them in song, sacred music and instrumental music, recreating the piffari who accompanied their ceremonial occasions, the choir who sang in their chapels, and the intimate ensembles of viols, lutes and voices in which the d'Este family themselves took part.
This concert presents some of the music studied by the international participants during the summer school week, performed with viols, lutes, recorders and other Renaissance instruments.

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